2013 Membership Scholarship

We understand that the economy is recovering slowly, and we recognize that attending our meetings may be stretching your budget, especially if you’re not an NCGR member, so to ease that strain, we have created a scholarship that will pay for your NCGR membership. That way you can enjoy the many member benefits, including attending our meetings at member prices.

The 2013 membership scholarship offers its recipient(s) a paid membership to NCGR. Not only will you receive NCGR publications, you’ll get the member discount at NCGR-SAA events. Most NCGR chapters offer their discount to all NCGR members, regardless of chapter affiliation.

How to Apply

By August 31, 2013, please:

  1. Send us an email: [email protected]. Label the subject of your email NCGR 2013 Membership Scholarship.
  2.  In your e-mail, state the following:
    1. Reason for financial need (kept confidential). We’re not looking for extensive personal details, just something to give us a comparison needs assessment like fixed income, unemployed, or whatever your circumstance.
    2. How many NCGR-SAA events did you attend in 2012? Did cost prohibit you from attending more?
    3. How do you think you’ll benefit from this scholarship?


Recipient will be notified in September 2013.


Benefits of becoming an NCGR member include:

  • Discounted pricing on events, meetings and speakers
  • A vote and input at special  member meetings
  • as well as…..



  • You receive a copy of the NCGR Research Journal, which is published annually with a specific research theme
  • You may join an NCGR Special Interest Group focusing on such topics as asteroids, declination and Uranian astrology
  • NCGR supports astrological research and investigation through scholarships
  • NCGR provides assistance for designing a research project, performing statistical analyses, locating databases or finding resources



  • You receive a copy of the Geocosmic Journal, published each year by NCGR with articles dedicated to a particular astrological theme
  • You receive the NCGR Memberletter, which comes out six times a year online, featuring informative articles, book reviews and information on current events in the astrology community
  • Your membership allows you a discount for NCGR and UAC conferences, which feature speakers from around the world — next NCGR national conference will be in Philadelphia in August 2013
  • NCGR offers online lectures throughout the year, with a discount for members
  • Many NCGR chapters sponsor lectures locally, and some issue newsletters or other publications
  • Your membership gives you discounts on books, conference recordings and back issues of NCGR publications
  • NCGR offers scholarship opportunities for NCGR conferences and UAC (United Astrology Conference) as well as individual study
  • NCGR’s educational offerings help you prepare for the professional certification administered by NCGR-PAA (Professional Astrologers’ Alliance), and you receive a discount on exam fees



  • NCGR has chapters throughout the United States and across the globe; the chapters give you frequent opportunities to meet and share ideas with like-minded souls in your local community
  • NCGR members are linked to a network of astrology professionals and enthusiasts
  • You receive E-News every weekend online. This e-newsletter features short articles, commentary, data sharing, a short listing of books for sale written by NCGR members with a link to where they can be bought and astrology news from around the world
  • NCGR has reciprocal membership agreements with astrology organizations worldwide, including the Astrological Association of Great Britain, Astrological Lodge of London and the Federation of Australian Astrologers, and NCGR is a sponsor of UAC
  • NCGR has an active online general interest astrology group
  • You can follow NCGR on Facebook and Twitter