The Sagittarius new moon is a time of new beginnings. A good time to announce our schedule for 2016! As you will see, it’s a great one. Matching speakers with dates with topics is like putting a 3d puzzle together, and it’s always magical how it works out. Guest speakers are coming from as far away as Amsterdam, Hawaii and Serbia to speak to us next year. NCGR Sacramento is back on the map as a destination for world class astrologers!

MEETING/EVENT LIST- 2016: Key Speakers and Topics

In 2016, all meetings will have a featured sign for introductions.
L/W = Lecture and Workshop

  • Jan 24 – Eric Meyers, Connecting the Moon to Lunar Nodes: Origins of Karma L/W
  • Feb 28 – Marie O’Neill, Esoteric Astrology: An Introduction
  • April 3 – Chris Brennan, Rulers and Timing / Zodiacal Releasing L/W
  • April 24 – Aubrie De Clerck, Vocational Astrology: Opening Doors to Fulfilling Work
  • May 22 – Frank Clifford, New Ways of Relating and Polarity L/W
  • June 7 – Aleksandar Imsiragic, New Reincarnation Astrology (evening lecture)
  • June 26 – Chet Zdrowski, Rudhyar’s Metaphysics: Cycles, Evolution and Purpose
  • July 24 – Kira Sutherland, Medical Astrology: The Astrology of Body Issues L/W
    This event will be held at an alternate location.
  • Aug 28 – Linda Kaye, Eclipses and Your Destiny
    This event may be held at an alternate location.
  • Sept 25 – Open House, Linda Byrd, Experiential Astrology
    This event may be held at an alternate location.
  • Oct 23 – Lynn Bell, Synastry: Get Your Saturn Off My Sun! L/W
  • Nov 13 – Maurice Fernandez, Jupiter/Uranus Cycle / Nodes, Planets on Nodes L/W
  • Dec 11 – Winter Solstice Celebration: Holiday Party and 2017 Predictions

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