We are pleased to nnounce our speaker schedule for 2017; it’s another great one with big names and local favorites! Matching speakers with dates with topics is like putting a 3d puzzle together, and it’s always magical how it works out. NCGR Sacramento is definitely on the map as a destination for world class astrologers!

MEETING/EVENT LIST- 2017: Key Speakers and Topics

L/W = Lecture and Workshop

  • Jan. 22 – Lee Lehman, Electional Astrology L/W
  • Feb. 26 – Linda Kaye, Eclipses and Asteroids (Business meeting prior)
  • Mar. 26 – Rick Levine, 12 Steps to Better Chart Readings
  • Apr. 23 – Tony Howard, Out of Bounds Planets
  • May 21 – Mark Jones, Outer Planets Higher Octave of Inner Planets L/W
  • June 25 – Chet Zdrowski, How Deep is the Moon
  • July 23 – Linea Van Horn, Aspect Patterns
  • Aug. 27 – Alexandra Karacostas, Chart Delineation
  • Sept. 24 – Georgia Stathis, Antiscia / Solstice Points
  • Oct. 15 – Open House – Free Admission
  • Nov. 12 – Greg Bogart, Dreams and Astrology (4 hr. workshop)
  • Dec. 10 – Annual Winter Solstice Celebration and Luncheon

Also view information and dates for our Classes and Transpersonal Astrology SIG (meets bimonthly on 2nd Thursday)

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