Vesta/Chart Interpretation

Vesta and Chart Interpretation


Vesta: A Goddess Revisited

and Chart Interpretation (Aquarius*)
Facilitated by Larry Landis

Sunday, January 27, 2013
1:00-3:00 pm

$5- NCGR/SAA Members
$15 – Nonmembers

The asteroid Vesta was recently visited by the NASA spacecraft Dawn, so as we slowly learn more about the physical nature of Vesta, the principle of “As Above, So Below” infers that our understanding of the astrological nature of Vesta will also increase.

After a brief introduction into the discovery of the four Goddess asteroids (Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas Athene) in the early 1800’s and the consequential reintroduction of the feminine into modern astrology, we will concentrate on the brightest of the four, Vesta. We will begin by looking at the original mythological story about Vesta and how that translates into modern astrology, using the seminal work by Demetra George and Douglas BlochAsteroid Goddesses, as a starting point.

Time permitting, we will then take a brief journey around the Zodiac, looking at the possible uses and/or misuses of Vesta’s energy in the signs and houses.

Larry Landis

Larry Landis

This talk is potentially Part One of a series, as NASA’s Dawn is currently on its way to visit Ceres.

Larry Landis began studying astrology around 1990 after being intrigued by a Linda Goodman book on relationships. He was self-taught for many years, absorbing any and all astrology books and magazines that came his way. His formal training began in 2001 with Steven Forrest, Tom Lescher, Maurice Fernandez and Daniel Giamario. He is a graduate of the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship program and currently does chart readings and research under the name of WaveRider Astrology.

Chart Interpretation

Following the presentation on Vesta, we’ll be looking at the chart of one of our members.

IMPORTANT! Chart Interpretation Guidelines. Thank you for becoming familiar with the attached Guidelines for Chart Interpretation Meetings. It is extremely important, especially when looking at  personal charts in a group, that we create an atmosphere of safety and non-judgment in helping others learn more about their astrological map. Another key concept is that the owner of the chart is the ultimate authority on what resonates to him or her. These concepts will “go without saying” for many of us, but we’re a group open to the public and individuals vary in their sensitivity to these issues. Thank you for reading the guidelines and following them.

About Chart Interpretation Meetings: Mastery of chart reading skills is where the rubber hits the road, transferring theory to practice in astrology. The Leadership Team feels  this type of meeting serves many purposes:

  • Sharpen our skills on what’s important in a chart reading
  • Increase our chart synthesis skills
  • Increase confidence in our interpretations
  • Enjoy the support of others at all ends of the learning spectrum on chart reading in an environment of non-judgment and encouragement
  • Get live practice or be the live recipient of pooled astrological knowledge

* In 2013, all meetings will have a featured sign theme. Chart readings will focus on this sign and will encompass as many other aspects of the chart as we have time to interpret.

Here’s how it works: Each chart interpretation month, we’ll read a personal chart.  Personal chart readings will be limited to people on the NCGR-SAA mailing list. We will limit it to one reading a year per person unless there are unused slots. E-mail Joyce if you would like to  have your chart read in the group during any of these meetings in 2013: Jan. 27, May 19, July 28, and Nov. 17.  NOTE: Personal reading slots are already filled all four dates in 2013. But, submit your names to be on the waiting list in case  we do a second personal reading at any of the chart interpretation meetings, or if the first individual scheduled cancels.

Other notes:  We may also substitute a special guest for one or more of these Chart Interpretation meetings, if the opportunity presents itself.




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