The Neptune Pluto System

Chet Zdrowski

Sunday, March 22, 2015, 1:00 – 3:30 pm


The outer planets in our solar system each reflect distinct transformational processes. They function within the individual psyche, and yet they represent forces far beyond the individual. Dane Rudhyar called them “Ambassadors of the Galaxy”.

Neptune’s enormous gravity keeps Pluto in an orbital resonance; they seem to operate as a system. The cycle of Neptune Pluto conjunctions and oppositions reflects major shifts in human consciousness and civilization. We will look at this approximately 500 year cycle through the lens of cultural and psychological evolution.

Within an individual, Neptune and Pluto represent the forces of psychological and spiritual evolution. Each has its own methods and each process must be honored. We will look at the ways each is integrated into various spiritual practices and psychotherapies. The evolution of human values, the rise and fall of civilizations, and our inner transformational processes, are all part of the Neptune/Pluto system and its dramatic cycle.

Chet Zdrowski

Chet Zdrowski

Chet Zdrowski has been a student and practitioner of astrology since 1977. He studied for several years with the late Richard Idemon, and is deeply influenced by the work of Dane Rudhyar and Robert Hand. Since 2005 he has studied with Steven Forrest in his Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship program. Psychology, meditation, perennial philosophy and music are also lifelong passions. Chet’s approach is grounded in the real world experiences of parenting, marriage, business and the work world. His greatest pleasure is to alert people to their unique gifts, to inspire them to move forward on their unique individual path, and to help them move through the patterns that limit them and cause unhappiness. You can reach Chet at


Chart Interpretation

Following the presentation on The Neptune Pluto System, we’ll be looking at the chart of one of our group. Join our mailing list to receive more chart details.

IMPORTANT! Chart Interpretation Guidelines. Thank you for becoming familiar with the attached Guidelines for Chart Interpretation Meetings. It is extremely important, especially when looking at personal charts in a group, that we create an atmosphere of safety and non-judgment in helping others learn more about their astrological map. Another key concept is that the owner of the chart is the ultimate authority on what resonates to him or her. These concepts will “go without saying” for many of us, but we’re a group open to the public and individuals vary in their sensitivity to these issues. Thank you for reading the guidelines and following them.

About Chart Interpretation Meetings: Mastery of chart reading skills is where the rubber hits the road, transferring theory to practice in astrology. The Leadership Team feels this type of meeting serves many purposes:

  • Sharpen our skills on what’s important in a chart reading
  • Increase our chart synthesis skills
  • Increase confidence in our interpretations
  • Enjoy the support of others at all ends of the learning spectrum on chart reading in an environment of non-judgment and encouragement
  • Get live practice or be the live recipient of pooled astrological knowledge

Here’s how it works: Each chart interpretation meeting in 2015 (Jan. 25, March 22, June 28, and Aug. 23) we’ll read a personal chart. Personal chart readings will be limited to people on the NCGR-SAA mailing list. We will limit it to one reading a year per person unless there are unused slots. E-mail us if you would like to have your chart read in the group during a meeting. NOTE: Personal reading slots fill up quickly. But, submit your names to be on the waiting list in case we do a second personal reading at any of the chart interpretation meetings, or if the first individual scheduled cancels.

Other notes: We may also substitute a special guest for one or more of these Chart Interpretation meetings, if the opportunity presents itself.


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*Featured Planet

In 2015, each meeting will have a featured planet for attendee introductions. So, besides your name, you can share (if you like) which sign and house you have the planet in and anything else of interest related to the planet in your chart. Since we have this valuable tool, it’s a fun way to get to know one another at a deeper level.


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