5th Annual Open House

Laugh and Learn How Astrology Can Help You Navigate These Fast-Changing Times

Sunday, October 18, 2015

1:00 – 4:00 PM
Free Admission

Come by, have fun, and participate in astrology research!

This event is open to the public and designed for the “astro-curious”, as well as the already starry-eyed. The mission of Sacramento Area Astrologers is to be ambassadors for astrology in our community. We especially welcome newcomers to astrology. Our activities will include the following:

  • Introduction and Announcements

  • Presentation and Discussion: Astrology and Physical Manifestation

    This year we will focus on the physical manifestation of the signs and planet energies in faces, body types and mannerisms. Inspired by the website, Astrofaces.com, we will explore their basic question: “Do people who share the three most prominent factors in a chart resemble each other?” Which leads to other questions – what if they share the same Ascendant, Moon or Sun sign? In other words, do all Aries Ascendants, for instance, wear a similar mask?

  • Contribute a Photo to Astrology Research

    If you’d like to contribute your picture to the official Astrofaces research study, our talented photographer, Barbara Crow will be set up to take your picture for submission. Bring your birth date, time and location. (If you prefer, you may bring a copy of an old or new photo with a clear close view of your face from the front for us to submit, but we still need your birth info or at least your Sun Moon and Ascendant signs.)

  • Used Astrology Book and Stuff Sale

    Donate books you no longer need and buy new ones for bargain prices. Remember, NCGR is a nonprofit so you can write off your donation! Find bargains on books, mugs, and other re-treasured items their last owners are ready to share.*

  • Mini-Astrology Readings with our talented astrologers*

    We are offering readings for only $20 by our prominent professional astrologers: Linda Kaye, Chet Zdrowski and Barbara Ybarra. Be sure to sign-up early and bring your chart, or birth time, if possible.

  • Munch and Chat

    As always, we have really good snacks!!


Bring your birth date, place and time or a copy of your chart, if you have one.

Stay, ask questions, and get to know us!

If you have friends who are curious about Astrology, bring them along. It’s FREE!

*Proceeds from these optional activities support our ongoing educational programs. NCGR-Sacramento Area astrologers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.




The Reserves at the Galleria Clubhouse
501 Gibson Drive, Roseville, CA
E-mail [email protected] for Gate Entry Code and More Details

Important Parking Information

Because The Reserves at the Galleria is a gated community, we do not publish the gate code publicly. Please email us for that information: [email protected]. There are only a few guest parking spots the complex, but there are plenty of parking spaces right across the street. Here are pictures and instructions.

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