Lecture and Workshop Event

Frank Clifford

June 9, 2019

Lecture : 10 a.m – 12 noon
Workshop: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.



In the Midst of Every Difficulty Lies Opportunity: Making the Most of the Hard Aspects in Your Horoscope

When two parts of the chart are in aspect to each another, a dialogue is formed. The nature of that interaction – the flow of energy – is revealed by the specific planets and aspect involved. In spite of what some books will tell you, the so-called ‘hard’ aspects bring the greatest rewards and describe our greatest successes – IF we recognise the invitation and accept the challenge. In this new seminar, join Frank to explore the nature of the ‘hard’ aspects (from the opposition to the square to the sesquiquadrate) and see how these can be best used in your life, work and relationship patterns. Bring your charts!


Behind the Steering Wheel: Your Chart Ruler

Your Ascendant is a vehicle that showcases a general attitude or outlook – one that you adopt to negotiate and interact with the world around you. It’s your open agenda and personality (i.e. your personal reality). But each Ascendant has a ruler with twelve possible sign placements (and aspects to that ruler). The Chart Ruler reveals the motivation or hidden directive behind the Ascendant – it is you as the driver of the vehicle and the route you wish to take. Join Frank to explore examples of the Chart Ruler from his files and from the group.


Frank Clifford is a consultant astrologer-palmist who lectures internationally, runs the London School of Astrology, and writes for (and guest edits) ‘The Mountain Astrologer’. He has written 12 volumes, including ‘Getting to the Heart of Your Chart’, ‘The Solar Arc Handbook’, ‘The Midheaven: Spotlight on Success’ and ‘Palmistry 4 Today’. Frank won a writing award from ISAR in 2016 and was the youngest recipient of The Charles Harvey Award in 2012—a lifetime achievement honour for exceptional service to astrology. In 2019 he will launch a series of online courses and publish a new textbook for students. www.frankclifford.co.uk, [email protected]


Lunch Options

Between the lecture and workshop, we’ll provide a light, catered lunch available at a modest contribution of $10. Lunch will be light as many of you will want to join us to take Mark out for dinner at a local restaurant after the workshop. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch, if you prefer. Sign up for lunch and or make your reservation for dinner below.


Lecture ONLY

Pre-registration price: $15 NCGR members, $25 non-members (available through June 6, 2019)
Price at the door: $20 NCGR members, $30 non-members

Workshop ONLY

Pre-registration price: $50 NCGR members, $60 non-members (available through June 6, 2019)
Price at the door: $55 NCGR members, $65 non-members


Pre-registration price: $60 NCGR members, $70 non-members (available through June 6, 2019)
Price at the door: $70 NCGR members, $80 non-members


Pre-registration is closed for this event, but seats are available at the door. We hope to see you there!


Preregistration is important for this event, as space is limited.

  • Preregistration with prepayment must be received one week prior to the event. After that, only the pay at the door price is available, space permitting. Contact us at [email protected] for updates on seats available.

Refund Policy for Lectures/Workshops

  • There will be NO CASH REFUNDS offered for workshop or lecture preregistrations
  • If the leadership team is advised at least 24 hours prior to the event that a registrant will not be able to attend the event, the registrant will be offered the choice of transferring the payment to one of these options: (a) a future NCGR Sacramento Area event; OR, (b) membership in NCGR Sacramento Area
  • Please notify us at [email protected] if you will be unable to attend. The email stamp will be used to determine the time of notification. If you are unable to notify us by email, please call (916) 276-1858.



The Reserves at the Galleria Clubhouse 501 Gibson Drive, Roseville, CA

E-mail [email protected] for Gate Entry Code and More Details  


Map to 501 Gibson

Map to 501 Gibson – Click to go to map

 Important Parking Information

Because The Reserves at the Galleria is a gated community, we do not publish their gate code publicly. Please email us for that information prior to coming to the meeting: [email protected]. There are only a few guest parking spots in the complex, but there are plenty of parking spaces right across the street. Here are pictures and instructions. Directions and more information below. NOTE: We are not affiliated with the Reserves condominium complex, for community related questions please contact The Reserves at the Galleria directly.

Overhead view showing clubhouse, gate and parking.