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Wednesday, September 16, 7:00-8:30 PM PDT



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    This session will explore the main planetary patterns and turning points of the month. Observing how transits effect the collective reality is both fascinating and helpful in understanding what’s going on in our individual lives. The coming months are pressure packed and even more than usual we will need all the clarity and perspective we can get. We’ll also explore the New Moon chart for the month which reveals an underlying agenda and is like a seed that unfolds through the monthly lunar cycle.

    Mars will be our focus for this Study Group given what a prominent role it will exert during the rest of the year. After presenting and sharing ideas, and looking at charts, there will be two or three interactive breakout sessions. In the breakout sessions we can discuss planetary placements in your charts, the current astrological weather and take time to socialize. Between the breakout sessions we’ll return to our exploration of Mars and the current astrological soup.


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