Astrology Study Group

Now Meeting Online Via ZOOM – dates as announced

Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. PST  

  • Jupiter’s Influence in Our Lives

    Chet Zdrowski, facilitator  

    Jupiter will enter Aquarius on December 19 and will join Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius. The potential for a new direction has many astrologers excited. However new directions and their meaning take time to become clear and often there isn’t perspective until the first quarter square. For individuals, Jupiter is often associated with good luck, fortunate events and abundance. It’s almost seen as a cosmic Santa Claus! While there is truth in some of these associations, in practice we often see a more complicated picture. Jupiter is called the Guru in India, and this points to some of Jupiter’s other dimensions.

    After presenting and sharing ideas, and looking at example charts, there will be two or three interactive breakout sessions. In the breakout sessions we can discuss planetary placements in your charts, the current astrological weather and take time to socialize. Between the breakout sessions we’ll return to our exploration of Jupiter and the current astrological soup.

    Join us in exploring the personal dimensions of Jupiter along with some of the new directions we may see arise in our upcoming December Study Group.

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