Karen La Puma,

Karen La Puma

Astrology and Tarot

Integrating Astrology and Tarot to Become Your Own Intuitive Guide

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, September 26, 2021
2 – 4 p.m. 

If you know Astrology, you can easily learn the Tarot. Karen created an original Tarot deck, using digital collage, that integrates the Astrological symbols. In a 2-hour lecture, she will introduce her deck and show how perfectly the symbols interact. The twenty-two Major Arcana equal the ten planets and the twelve signs. The Minor Arcana and the 4 suits represent the 4 elements-air, water, fire and earth.She will summarize with how to read the cards and how you can become your own intuitive guide.

Karen La Puma is the author of a series of books called, A Toolkit for Awakening, which are based on the Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey. She has been an astrologer and tarot reader since 1979. Besides being an intuitive and spiritual counselor, she is perpetual student, teacher, healer, and inspirational speaker. This talk is based on her book, Awaken to Tarot and its companion deck, Awaken Tarot Cards. Karen is on the Board of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NCGR. More information at https://soul-source.org


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