Silent Art Auction – Works of Arne Trettevik

Painting in Arne Trettevik Art Auction



Silent Art Auction

Visionary Paintings of a Mystic Traveler


Final Auction date, September 22, 2013

You may wonder about the paintings you have seen displayed at our meetings. Our member, Carolyn Relei, has gifted us with an incredible opportunity to own works of the late astrologer and spiritual artist, Arne Trettevik. Arne spent much time at Esalen Institute with other consciousness pioneers and/or astrologers including Stanislaus Grof and Richard Tarnas and was known to carry an ephemeris under his arm. Carolyn has been the keeper of numerous pieces of Arne’s work for many years and felt ready to share them and find good homes for them with people who would appreciate their context and beauty. She has donated them to NCGR-SAA and all proceeds of a nine-month Silent Auction will benefit our education programs. (more…)