July 27, 2014: Georgia Dempsey-Ceres / Chart Interpretation

Ceres, goddess of agriculture/Chart Interpretation



and Chart Interpretation (5th house*)

Facilitated by Georgia Dempsey

Sunday, July 27, 2014, 1:00-3:30 pm $5- NCGR/SAA Members, $15 – Nonmembers

Lecture Details

We will cover the mythology of the dwarf planet Ceres in depth, to include environmentalism, issues of loss and abandonment, nurturing and life cycles. Ceres packs a powerful psychological punch where it falls in our charts, so we’ll be touching upon its impacts, especially as it relates to contacts with other planets and house transits. Anyone who is interested in finding the strength and resiliency of their anima will enjoy learning about about this empowering planet for it teaches us how to overcome loss and find grace, despite difficulties.

Georgia Dempsey

Georgia Dempsey: I am new to the astrology scene but am hooked! Started studying 5 years ago as a lark to survive a difficult work situation. In time, I started to see priceless things playing out between charts and that was a huge epiphany. As a NPS Ranger, you know that we are all connected on a certain level. All it takes is watching energy cycle through nature to come to that conclusion. To see that theme played out again through the heavens was an awakening and a reaffirmation of the thought that we are all truly in this thing together. Astrology has thus become a part of spiritual path.

Chart Interpretation

Following the presentation on Ceres, we’ll be looking at the chart of one of our members. Join our mailing list to receive more chart details.