February 23, 2014: Larry Landis – Pallas Athene

Pallas Athene/Chart Interpretation

Pallas Athene/Chart Interpretation


Pallas Athene: The Warrior Queen

and Chart Interpretation (12th house*)

Facilitated by Larry Landis

Sunday, February 23, 2014, 1:00-3:30 pm
$5- NCGR/SAA Members, $15 – Nonmembers

Lecture Details

Continuing our exploration of the four Asteroid Goddesses, we will be focusing our attention this lecture on Pallas Athene, Goddess of Wisdom and Justice. 

After a brief review of her place within the Goddess Mandala, we will delve deeper into the astronomy, mythology and astrology. 

Larry Landis

Larry Landis

We will conclude with a quick trip around the Zodiac to delineate more specific meanings of her placement in individual signs and houses.

Larry Landis began studying astrology around 1990 after being intrigued by a Linda Goodman book on relationships. He was self-taught for many years, absorbing any and all astrology books and magazines that came his way. His formal training began in 2001 with Steven Forrest, Tom Lescher, Maurice Fernandez and Daniel Giamario. He is a graduate of the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship program and currently does chart readings and research under the name of WaveRider Astrology.

Chart Interpretation

Following the presentation on Pallas Athene: The Warrior Queen, we’ll be looking at the chart of one of our members. Join our mailing list to receive more chart details. (more…)