September 24 – Georgia Stathis: Antiscia – Solstice Points


Lecture and Workshop Event

Georgia Stathis

September 24, 2017

Antiscia, Prenatal eclipses, Eclipses & other ‘unseen’ things in the chart.

Lecture : 10 a.m – 12 noon

Workshop: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Antiscia are the mirror images on either side of either the Fall Equinox (00º) or Summer Solstice (00 Cancer) in your chart. They must add up to 30 degrees. For example, if someone has their Sun at 20º Scorpio, their Antiscia (also termed Solstice Point) for the Sun is 10º Aquarius. The sign of Scorpio is closer to 00º Libra rather than 00º Cancer, thus we use that point for measurement. When something like Mars crosses 10º Aquarius in this case, then it is like Mars traveling over your Sun at 20º Scorpio. It is hidden but still may have the same impact. This is information that can be very useful for planning or timing.

Another hidden thing in the chart is the placement of the pre-natal eclipse. Where that is placed is important for unraveling where we are blocked or fearful and where we have an opportunity to break through ‘the sheath of the earth’ as Robert Jansky once wrote. Eclipses are about shadows and unraveling those shadows and breaking through to light.

Usually we can see what is happening in charts with such things as transits, secondary progressions and one of my favorites, solar arcs, but these other pieces can sometimes mean the difference between insight pushing the client to shift or leaving the session with an implied hunger – and not being able to identify it. The Antiscia, placements of the pre-natal eclipses, and where the eclipses are occurring in their charts open the doors to another way of seeing things

  • The morning lecture will cover the explanation of these points.

  • In the afternoon workshop we will lean how to apply Antiscia – Solstice Points to a chart – yours or someone else’s.

Pre-register online by September 21 and send in your birth information (date, time and location) to Georgia and she will bring your Antiscia and natal charts with the pre-natal eclipses in them for you to use during the workshop. Registering early for this event is crucial in order to receive this special chart. However, you can still learn a great deal by coming at the last minute as well. These points can also be found in Solar Fire.