Two-Part Lecture and Workshop Event

A.T. Mann

April 22, 2018

Lecture : 10 a.m – 12 noon
Workshop: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.



Morning Lecture:

A New Vision of Astrology

Astrology describes your psychology and sense of self based on your birth chart. However, essential events in your life and relationships begin in the 9th house of the chart, when your mother and father conceive you. A New Vision of Astrology describes the circumstances and implications of your earliest and most deeply embedded experiences from then until birth on the Ascendant (rising sign), and maps events and their implications beyond, through your life up to the present, and ahead into your future. These earliest times are not even discussed in traditional astrology, but they are especially important as they are the deep patterns of your creativity, biology, sexuality and psychology. They are also a key to your potential transcendence.

Afternoon Workshop:

Conception + Gestation + Birth = Creativity

Life is a process in time. Gestation influences are the core of your biology, the collective unconscious, are deeply buried, and affected by your parents’ relationship, and provide patterns that are somatic — built into your body. Indeed, the nature of their relationship during gestation is mirrored in your own relationships and more importantly, in your creativity. We will look at the gestation process and track it through your charts and show you how this affects your creativity and what to do about it. Through your childhood, into maturity and up to the present, and into the future, you are navigating your lifetime. Also included is information about the Autism spectrum and how it all relates. Send in your birth information now (date, time and location) and bring your chart! Tad will prepare a Life Time list of dates for everyone attending the workshop!


A.T. Mann (Tad) is an inventive and original astrologer, author of 15 books on astrology, tarot, the sacred arts, as well as a painter and architect. His books include: The Round ArtThe Divine Plot: Astrology and ReincarnationA New Vision of AstrologyThe Mandala Astrological Tarot; and Sacred Sexuality. Tad lectures and teaches internationally and lives in Hudson, NY. Learn more about Tad and consultations at his website:

Lunch Options

Between the lecture and workshop, we’ll provide a light, catered lunch available at a modest contribution of $10. Lunch will be light as many of you will want to join us to take Mark out for dinner at a local restaurant after the workshop. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch, if you prefer. Sign up for lunch and or make your reservation for dinner below.


Lecture ONLY

Pre-registration price: $15 NCGR members, $25 non-members (available through April 18, 2017)
Price at the door: $20 NCGR members, $30 non-members

Workshop ONLY

Pre-registration price: $50 NCGR members, $60 non-members (available through April 18, 2017)
Price at the door: $55 NCGR members, $65 non-members


Pre-registration price: $60 NCGR members, $70 non-members (available through April 18, 2017)
Price at the door: $70 NCGR members, $80 non-members


Advanced registration is closed for this event but seats are available at the door. Don’t forget we are at our new location, LightWeavers Academy, Map and DirectionsWe hope to see you there!



Preregistration is important for this event, as space is limited.

  • Preregistration with prepayment must be received one week prior to the event. After that, only the pay at the door price is available, space permitting. Contact us at [email protected] for updates on seats available.

Refund Policy for Lectures/Workshops

  • There will be NO CASH REFUNDS offered for workshop or lecture pre-registrations
  • If the leadership team is advised at least 24 hours prior to the event that a registrant will not be able to attend the event, the registrant will be offered the choice of transferring the payment to one of these options: (a) a future NCGR Sacramento Area event; OR, (b) membership in NCGR Sacramento Area
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  This event will be held at our new location:

LightWeavers Academy
8421 Auburn Blvd, Ste 150
Citrus Heights, CA

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