January 28 – Armand Diaz with The Year Ahead: 2024



Armand Diaz

The Year Ahead: 2024

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, January 28, 2024
2 – 4 pm, PDT

We know we’ve been through a few tumultuous years, but what lies ahead for 2024? We’ll look at the eclipses, planetary stations, and major aspects (hint – Jupiter is very active) and match the patterns for the new year with events from the past. We’ll pay special attention to major astrological events as they affect the charts of the United States, European Union, and other political entities, as well as the astro-locality of the events.
Armand Diaz is a certified consulting astrologer, author, and speaker. He is the author/producer of three astrology books, and a frequent contributor to astrological publications. He is currently the book reviewer for NCGR’s Memberletter, and he is the former president and publications director for NCGR. He can be reached via his website, ArmandDiaz.com


December 10 – Solstice Luncheon and Celebration


Join us for our annual

Winter Solstice Luncheon and Celebration!

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023, 1 pm

Catrina’s Cantina
6130 Stanford Ranch Rd., Rocklin, CA 95765

It’s the time again for our annual Winter Solstice luncheon! We have a fun and festive afternoon in store at Catrina’s Cantina in Rocklin (same location we’ve gathered at before, new name) and hope as many of you as possible can join us!

You are welcome to bring spouses, partners or friends, but the seating capacity will be limited There is a $5 registration fee required to hold you seat, This fee will be applied to extra tip and appetizers. (Separate checks have been negotiated.)

Reserve my spot now…

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All meeting times are in Pacific Time. We wish to thank all of you who made donations during the pandemic “lockdown” period. You made it possible for us to offer our presentations for free, but who’d have imagined it would last for so long? We continue to bring you top quality speakers and our fees are now $10 for members and $15 for non-members. (As always, scholarships are available and donations are appreciated.)

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November 12 – Human Design with Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood


Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood

Human Design: Your Inner Nature and Pathway to Success, Revealed

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, November 12, 2023
2 – 4 pm, PDT

Drawing in part from the wisdom of Astrology, and including the modern understanding of Neutrino physics, along with revelations into the Human Genetic Code, a new System for self-knowledge has emerged: Human Design. Let’s be clear from the onset, that Human Design’s purpose is not to replace Astrology, but rather to offer an additional and complimentary means to achieve greater self-mastery. In a nutshell, Human Design gives us our unique “success codes” for living and thriving in the 21st Century. 

We invite you to join us to learn about your “Success Codes”!  During their Presentation, Carola and Chetan will introduce you to the basics of Human Design and show you how it can be applied in all aspects of daily life for more fulfilling personal outcomes, as well as more successful professional effectiveness. You will learn about the Five “Types” in Human Design and the six, Decision-Making strategies that make all the difference to your success and happiness.

Prior to their presentation, you can download your own, complimentary Human Design chart and explanation of your, Human Design, “Type”, by simply going to  www.EvolutionaryHumanDesign.com  and entering your birth data (birth date, time, and place…. If you do not know your time, estimate it or use 12 noon for the purpose of the demo.) 


October 22 – Aleksandar Imsiragic: The Fixed Star Codes


Aleksandar Imsiragic

The Fixed Star Codes

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, October 22, 2023
11 am – 1 pm, PDT

The fixed stars represent the true Pillars of Destiny of the soul. However, their number in the sky is huge and in order to discover which of all the stars is crucial for our destiny, we must know the special codes by which the stars are activated in our chart. 

All the stars are grouped into 88 constellations, and from there they carry their primary messages. Also, each star governs a certain planet or several of them, and through certain houses of the natal horoscope they are activated in the life of the person.

In this workshop, we will get to know the codes on the basis of which we discover the influence of the stars with which we are connected.

Aleksandar Imsiragic is professional astrologer and founder of the Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute in Belgrade, Serbia. He is practicing astrology since 1988, teaches meditation, has written 18 astrological books, and has organized annual International Astrological Conferences in Belgrade since 2001. His work is based on a synthesis of Western and Eastern traditions of knowledge, and his special interests are in the fields of fixed stars, karmic astrology, and astro-healing. email: [email protected]  website: www.keplerunited.org


September 17 – Lunch and Learn – Local!

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn

Local get-together in Granite Bay, CA 

Sunday, September 17, 2023
1-3 p.m. PT

There is a waiting list for this event.

Join us at a local meetup to gather and share astrology wisdom and insights over a good meal. A great chance to socialize and see your old (and new) astro-buddies. Hot topic – Upcoming eclipses!

Oak Leaf Cafe in Granite Bay has a room for us with a view of the Quarry Pond. There is no fee for this event; you pay only for the cost of your meal and tip. They have a room for 20 of us so please make sure to register as we will be starting a wait list when we get to that number. With that in mind, if you have registered and will not be able to come, please let us know as soon as possible so we can let those on the waiting list know.  Location: Oak Leaf Cafe: 5540 Douglas Blvd Suite 110, Granite Bay CA, 95746.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

August 27 – Mychal A. Bryan: Classical Natal Astrology Demonstration


Mychal A. Bryan

Classical Natal Astrology Demonstration

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, August 27, 2023
2 – 4 pm, PDT

Our natal chart is an astrological index of all of the concrete events that will occur within our lives. Mychal will read the natal chart of a member in the audience to show you the outline of how to give an event-based natal reading. You’ll learn how to concretely see and interpret the major event-structures that directly shape the soul and psyche of an individual.