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Dorothy Oja

The Birthday of the Relationship– Understanding the Davison Combined Chart

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, October 23, 2022
1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Yes, relationships can have an actual birthchart! That is the beauty of the Davison Technique. Used for two people in any type of relationship, the Davison Chart offers rich and valuable information about the energetic dynamics that exist in relationships. If you have not used this method before, Dorothy will explain how to calculate and how to delineate the chart. The Davison chart is a valuable tool for any astrologer or student who wants to work with relationships. Dorothy has lectured on this technique for over 25 years and uses it for couples in her consulting practice. She is working on a book about the Davison Chart.

Dorothy Oja is a certified career astrologer (ISAR C.A.P.), her studies span 40+ years. She services an international clientele, lectures, writes and teaches. Dorothy’s specialties are: Elections for Surgery, Relationship Compatibility (Davison Chart) and Children’s Profiles. She serves on the faculty of the International Academy of Astrology and Kepler College. She founded The Relationship Club which hosts astrologers who lecture on various topics pertaining to relationship astrology.  Her first book is Planetary Resonance: Everything Leaves a Trace. She’s authored 2 computer reports: Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic Relationships and Friendship and Business, (Cosmic Patterns Software). Dorothy writes and publishes a monthly newsmagazine, PlanetWeather (25 yrs.) which includes social and cultural commentary. Her Facebook daily blog page is www.facebook.com/DorothyOjaAstrology.  She’s served the astrological community as AFAN’s Chair of Legal Information and spent 16 years as ISAR Board member as Chair of Ethics and developing its Ethics Awareness Training program.  Dorothy is writing a book on the Davison Relationship Chart. [email protected] Twitter: @ojadorothy

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