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Gavin Carruthers

Pluto: Love of Power, or Power of Love?

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, September 25, 2022
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Some astronomers may have demoted Pluto to “minor planet” status, but to the majority of astrologers he still has an extremely significant influence on personal and global affairs and an unparalleled capacity to “shake things up”. On a personal level Pluto demands profound honesty, integrity and what could be called “the Path of the Healer”. Pluto also symbolises the process of eliminating toxicity on all levels, releasing false attachments and learning to become a conscious instrument of Divine Will.  Gavin will explore many dimensions of Pluto, from the birth chart to Sumerian mythology and beyond, in search of keys to assist us in our own spiritual growth and evolution. He will also share some powerful healing tools to help in our own personal transformation.

Gavin Carruthers has been a full-time astrological consultant and teacher since 1978. During his years in Sacramento in the 1980’s he co-founded the School for Cyclelogical Studies and the Star Experience Workshop series. In the 1990’s, living in Sedona, Arizona, he created the “Astrology Course on DVD” series and “The Pluto Experience: Astrology, Music, Myth & Healing.” Gavin has since retired to his native Scotland, where he enjoys opportunities to share astrology and to make music. Gavin’s approach to astrology is positive and supportive, combining astrological insights with spiritual and psychological awareness.

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