August 27 – Alexandra Karacostas, 12 Steps To Chart Analysis


Alexandra Karacostas

Twelve Steps to Chart Analysis

Sunday, August 27, 2017
1 pm – 4 pm

In this presentation, we will discuss horoscope delineation in the western astrological tradition, from a humanistic (person-centered) and trans-personal approach. Astrology is a rich, symbolic, and archetypal language used to understand the world at large as well as the world within. It is the study of nature’s celestial cycles, the mandala of life, from the universal to the personal. There are as many ways to delineate a chart as there are astrologers.
A horoscope is a blueprint of the sky at any given moment and place on earth. The word “horoscope” stems from the Greek, hōroskopos, from hōra ‘time’ + skopos ‘observer’. It is essential to have a good understanding of the language and definition of the planets, signs, and houses. With a feel for the qualities they represent you will be able to make sense of charts.
The method I use has evolved over decades of study and practice, using diverse techniques from various traditions.  Take what is useful to you and leave the rest. Above all, try various techniques to find what rings true for you. Discover how this powerful language speaks to you! (more…)