February 26 – Suzanne Gerber, Chiron: Your Personal Hero’s Journey

Suzanne Gerber


Suzanne Gerber

Chiron: Your Personal Hero’s Journey

Stay at Home Webinar 

Sunday, February 26, 2023
2 – 4 p.m. PST

The comet commonly known as the “wounded healer” is so much more. As humanity evolves—in consciousness and technology—our collective mythology and cosmology must surely expand along with it. This explains the late-20th- and early-21st-century explosion of discoveries of exo planets and Kuiper Belt objects. We’re still at the starting gate of our understanding of these objects’ significance for life on earth, but there are emerging themes, the primary and arguably most urgent related to do with healing: our mindbodies and generational wounds, and Gaia herself.

As the “wisest and most just” of the Centaurs as well as a legendary teacher and healer, Chiron holds a special place not only in the pantheon but in modern astrology. His orbit swings between Saturn, lord of time and the material world, and the outer planets, who invite us to experience more etheric states of consciousness.

We will consider how the ancient mythology connects to the 21st-century zeitgeist, learn a little astronomy (those eccentric orbits!), and then plug in Chironic themes and explore the range of possibilities for each sign, house, major aspect and transit and, hopefully, come away with more compassion for our fellow humans and a renewed commitment to taking responsibility for our lives, relationships and personal healing journeys.


March 28 – Webinar – Maurice Fernandez: Chiron: of Mastery and Humility

Maurice Fernandez

Maurice Fernandez

Chiron: of Mastery and Humility

Stay at Home Webinar

Sunday, March 28, 2021
2 – 4 p.m. 


Since its discovery in 1977, the centaur Chiron has fascinated astrologers and many books were subsequently released on the subject, with the common reference of Chiron as the “wounded healer.” Maurice will take the study to a new direction and explore the complex dynamics involving this peculiar body, positioning Chiron in different houses and signs.

Maurice Fernandez, author of the books Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces (New Edition), and Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness—Volume One, is a leading Evolutionary Astrology counselor and teacher, currently based in Arizona. Maurice served for three terms as the president The Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA) – 2014-2020. He has organized multiple Astrology conferences across the world, and currently directs a professional diploma program, supporting and shaping a future generation of astrologers. www.mauricefernandez.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/mauriceastrology


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April 24, 2016: Aubrie De Clerck, Opening Doors to Fulfilling Work

Vocational Astrology:
Opening Doors to Fulfilling Work

Aubrie De Clerck

April 24, 2016
1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

LOCATION CHANGE for this event: Due to the renovations on our clubhouse not yet being complete, we will be meeting at the Rocklin Library, 4890 Granite Drive, Rocklin Map

Featured Sign: Taurus

While many of us may wish to be happy and successful at work, what we really want is to be confident: confident that no matter what work offers up – success or failure, happiness or disappointment, recognition or indifference – we can unshakably rely on ourselves to be self-assured, and at our ease. – Michael Carroll

Let astrology open doors to more fulfilling work! We will explore how the stars unlock a wealth of information about your unique talents and needs, guiding you to more ease and confidence in your career. Come connect to your intuition and identify your next steps – leave with a practical model you can apply now, and use for the rest of your life. Expect an interactive session that includes self-reflection and small group work.

Aubrie De Clerck helps people open doors to fulfilling work by bridging her two favorite tools – astrology & career coaching – in a highly inspirational and deeply practical way. Aubrie currently teaches at the Portland School of Astrology and is proud to have completed an apprenticeship with Emily Trinkaus in 2011. As a career coach, she has over 10 years experience in corporate, non-profit and education environments and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Aubrie enjoys working full time in her private practice, Coaching for Clarity, in Portland, OR, meeting with clients from around the world. Contact: [email protected], 503.810.2907


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LOCATION CHANGE for this event: Due to the renovations on our clubhouse not yet being complete, we will be meeting at the Rocklin Library, 4890 Granite Drive, Rocklin Map

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