SPECIAL EVENT: Get a Cosmic Hug at “The Galactic Embrace!”

Don’t miss Sacramento Area Astrologers’ first special event as popular San Francisco astrologer Linea Van Horn’s presents The Galactic Embrace:

Sunday, January 9,  1:00 – 3:00 pm at Planet Earth Rising in Folsom. $25 at the door, cash preferred.

Cut through the morass of 2012 misinformation. Learn to recognize the visible astronomical event that defines this era: something every astrologer and astrology student should know. But wait! No astrology charts will be used in this multi-media presentation, so bring your friends who are interested in topics such as metaphysics, consciousness, and cultural shifts.

This presentation includes a clear description of the 26,000 precession cycle and the significant alignment occurring in our lifetimes. See how the Mayans foresaw this moment in time and calibrated their calendar to it. Enjoy an inspiring, image-rich presentation with suggestions to help you thrive during these momentous times.

The time–is now!

Contact Joyce Mason for more information: (916) 276-1858 or joyce [at] joycemason.com.

Linea Van Horn, Astrologer at Large, is a full-time professional astrologer, president of the San Francisco Astrological Society; Vice-President and Education Director of the San Francisco Chapter of NCGR; and former Astrological Content Developer and Editor for the website, The Astrologer. Linea is known to her colleagues as an “all-round astrological wonder woman and bloody marvel.”