October 23: Lynn Bell, Synastry: Get Your Saturn Off My Sun!

Lecture / Workshop Event

Lynn Bell

Synastry/Get Your Saturn off My Sun!

October 23, 2016
Lecture: 10 a.m – 12 noon
Workshop: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.


Get Your Saturn Off My Sun!

AFTERNOON WORKSHOP: Into more depth, looking specifically at how Saturn functions in relationship over time, why it so present in synastry. Plus other difficult synastry combinations and why we attract them.

Why is it that we so often attract partners who have traditionally difficult astrological contacts with our personal planets? After the fun and romance, after the classical attraction of Venus and Sun and Ascendant, after the cosiness of the Moon, the real work of relationship begins.

We will explore the unconscious contract in relationship, the less obvious patterns that are often under the surface. Our experience of planets in synastry changes over time, especially with Saturn. Neptune softens and charms, giving the sense of something enchanting just out of reach. Pluto and Mars are necessary for passion, but can lead to conflict and power struggles, to a semi-permanent state of war.

Each planet, no matter how troublesome, has something to offer. And each person we meet, especially those we love, will wake something in our own chart, will call to us in a particular way. We may feel empowered or chastened, inspired or crushed, dazzled or disappointed. If we are willing to stay with it, to claim the energy woken up inside, the most difficult contacts may being the greatest rewards. How do we work with planets in synastry over time? How do we find the hidden treasure in relationship?

May 22, 2016: Frank Clifford – Polarities/Relating

Lecture and Workshop Event

Frank Clifford

May 22, 2016

Lecture: 10 a.m – 12 noon
Polarity Picture Show

Workshop: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
New Ways of Relating

Featured Sign: Gemini

Due to the renovations on our clubhouse not yet being complete, we will be meeting at the Light Weavers Academy, 8421 Auburn Blvd, Ste 150, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, Map


The Polarity Picture Show

Frank will take you on a visual tour of the six pairs of opposite signs, and consider what they share, how they differ, and what they can teach each other.


New Ways of Relating: Understanding the In-Depth Dynamics of Sign Combinations for Natal, Synastry and Forecasting Work

One of the most important steps in chart interpretation is understanding the dynamics between the zodiac signs. Grasping the essence of the signs and their points of similarity and difference are the keys to successful natal, forecasting and synastry work. Some connections are easy to spot, such as the freedom-focused, future-orientated duo of Sagittarius and Aquarius, or the home, hearth, gardens and cuisine combo of Cancer and Taurus. But what of Leo and Capricorn? Cancer and Libra? Aries and Virgo?

In truth, every pairing has themes in common, as well as components that don’t easily fall into place, but pinpointing the “heart” of its connection – the essence of its relationship – often requires further detective work. With many chart examples, we’ll spend the day learning to suss out and articulate the dynamics between the signs – how they can really work with each other – so bring along your own charts and stories, too.


Frank Clifford: Over the past twenty-five years, Frank Clifford has built an eclectic career as a consultant, publisher, columnist, media astrologer, lecturer, and a writer of a dozen books, including his textbook Getting to the Heart of Your Chart. Frank lives in England, where he runs The London School of Astrology (www.londonschoolofastrology.co.uk) and teaches astrology and palmistry in person and online. He writes for The Mountain Astrologer and guest-edited five recent issues. In 2012, Frank became the thirteenth (and youngest) recipient of The Charles Harvey Award, a lifetime achievement award for ‘exceptional service to astrology’. www.flareuk.com (website), [email protected]

Lunch Options

Between the lecture and workshop, we’ll provide a light, catered lunch available at a modest contribution of $10. Lunch will be light as many of you will want to join us to take Chris out for dinner at a local restaurant after the workshop. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch, if you prefer. Sign up for lunch and or make your reservation for dinner below.


Lecture ONLY

Pre-registration price: $15 NCGR members, $25 non-members (available through May 18, 2016)
Price at the door: $20 NCGR members, $30 non-members

Workshop ONLY

Pre-registration price: $50 NCGR members, $60 non-members (available through May 18, 2016)
Price at the door: $55 NCGR members, $65 non-members


Pre-registration price: $60 NCGR members, $70 non-members (available through May 18, 2016)
Price at the door: $70 NCGR members, $80 non-members


Advanced registration is closed for this event, but seats are available at the door. We hope to see you there!


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LOCATION CHANGE for this event: Due to the renovations on our clubhouse not yet being complete, we will be meeting at the Light Weavers Academy, 8421 Auburn Blvd, Ste 150, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, Map

The Reserves at the Galleria Clubhouse 501 Gibson Drive, Roseville, CA E-mail [email protected] for Gate Entry Code and More Details Important Parking Information Because The Reserves at the Galleria is a gated community, we do not publish the gate code publicly. Please email us for that information: [email protected]. There are only a few guest parking spots the complex, but there are plenty of parking spaces right across the street. Here are pictures and instructions. More information about our meetings. ~~~





February 2013: Andrea Gehrz Synastry Workshop




Honeymoon Phase or True Love?

A Conversation on Companionship through Astrology

Sunday, February 24, 2013 – 1:00-5:00 pm

Pre-registration price: $35 NCGR members, $45 non-members
Price at the door: $40 NCGR members, $50 non-members


Workshop Details

Have you ever wondered how to best deal with certain friendships, romantic relationships, or even business partnerships? During this lively workshop, participants will learn how to examine and exalt human relationships through the use of simple synastry, composite charts, and a little TLC!

Andrea Gehtz

Andrea Gehrz

In its most basic uses, Astrology can be used to help understand our web of human relationships. In fact, Astrology can provide endless insight into how to best love those around us! Unlike any other study in existence, Astrology can be used to examine the emotional, mental, and practical landscape of any type of merging between two individuals. During this afternoon, we will turn the tables on fate and begin the art of uplifting ourselves through the manifestation of positive vibrational relationships. Participants will learn how to avert possible relationship disaster by checking theoretical composite charts, strengthen areas of weakness through intentional compositing, and to partner up with those people who will advance our life emotional, spiritually, materially, etc.

Students are encouraged to bring charts to be used as examples. All questions will be rendered from the “personal to the public” in order to teach to the entire group!

Andrea Gehrz is a practicing astrologer in Portland, Oregon, having done countless readings for a delightful and varied group of clients in her ten years of experience. Andrea loves doing consultations as well as astrological research, and her current interests are astrological remediation, the astrology of relationships, children’s readings, addiction relief through astrology, and the intricate timing of everyday life in order to optimize the energies of the chart. Ms. Gehrz has most recently published two books, A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files and a textbook entitled Astrological Remediation: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner. For more information on Andrea and her work, go to www.moirapress.org. Contact her at [email protected] or 971-404-5068. (more…)